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    Question cbr high mounts

    99 CBRF4, I love the look of a high mount system, but everyone I see for the F4 says "MUST REMOVE PASSENGER PEGS" I'm trying to convince the wife to ride with me and I don't think removing her foot pegs is gonna help my cause. Now If I have to I'll stick to a stock mount system/slip-on I will. I geuss I'm just really undesided right now. I people have picks of F4's with different systems that would really help. I spent hours shearching the site but I didn't find many CBR pics. I did find many many many Suzuki's with Yosh pipes on them though........ sound clips or links would be a great help also.... If I find something I like I may just but it at the bike show. Thanks
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    Devil SB2 highmount slip-on:

    Hindle highmount:

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    Oval Hindle Carbon.....some holes needed in the tail piece for the right passenger peg

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    Here's a pic of mine with a Hindle oval high mount. On Hindle's site..."High mount systems (except 2003-2004 YZF600R6) are now supplied with a foot peg spacer kit that will allow you to retain your passenger pegs if you wish." So problem solved. You can get the high mount and take your wife. Definitely a high mount gives it cleaner lines. However, if you take your wife, just be careful she doesn't touch the muffler and/or wear some boots (e.g. PVC) that may melt from the heat.

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    check out the exhausts here.. You can get full kits, with the passenger foot peg mod.. Best prices around.. I have gotten two systems from Terry..

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