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    edmonton bike show ..........

    so i went to the bike show in etown this past weekend and i saw the yamaha r1 OMFG that bike is soooooooooooooooo ugly (just my opinion) and the ducati 999s is way too long very uncomfortable ......... on the otehr hand suzuki (gsxr600) had a very comfortable seat i think anyways ..... uhhh i saw 2 trikes those were kinda kool in their own little way stayed away from the harley section tho ......... i liked parts canada 's modeling show some damn fine girls in that lets see it took 20 min to get a damn ticket so i missed the dirtbike stunts *cries* ummm nothin there really as far as good deals on riding gear it was just there to show it off (well sportbike stuff anyways) there was these dirt bike things (can remember what they were called) but they had VERY soft tires no seat and i couldnt see the gas tank either but there were dude ridin em goin up ramps n shit boy do they ever stoppie well tho anyways i thought i should tell you this

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    trial bikes. cool what they can do on them.
    r1 was ugly. I cant wait to check it out. looks cool in pictures. what didnt you like about it, the front? why do you like the gixxer over the yammie?

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    well one thing about the yammie is that rear (seat or cover) its just such an ugly design and i didnt like the fairings either maybe it was the paint ? i dont know i just say it and i was like not for me suzuki on the other hand i love the look of it that yellow is WICKID lol

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