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    f2 service

    i have a few questions, before i think about buying the service book for the honda f2.
    oil change. how hard is it. if someone has a link to a webpage.. i tryed searching the net. i know alot of members have f2's and if you could help me out that would be great, or a few pictures with how to do it. (write up?)
    also, i was told the cam shaft was the ticking noise i heard. (when cold and at idol) he said its not hard to correct. im sure it would say in the honda book, but if someone could help me out (with pictures and a write up) or let me know if they could do it, or how much it would cost for a shop to fix it up.
    other then this, bike is running great.
    thanks for any kind of help.

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    Oil change isn't hard and we could easily help with a rough amount. But basically just fill it until it looks good on the dip stick. Run it and top it off so the dip stick is happy again. I think it was around 3 and a bit liters per full oil and filter change but I could confirm that.

    And I hate to say this but if you really do need a web page just to learn to change the oil then it IS time for a service manual. You can't find pages about this because it's one of those tasks that is so easy that everyone that knows which end of a wrench to hold onto can figure it out. I'm truly not TRYING to be snotty but rather saying that if you need to learn how to do this task then it IS time to buy a manual..... Or borrow one. Check out the Burnaby main library. They have a whole WALL of service manuals for reams of bikes. The F2 is old enough that they should have one for you to borrow. Then go commit plagairsm with a photocopier...

    For the F2 there isn't a lot of options. If you're just starting out I do NOT recomend the factory book. Not only is it quite expensive it also assumes that you already KNOW what you are doing and glosses over a lot of key steps. Go for a Clymer or Haynes brand manual. The printings for the F2 are older but it still has a fair amount of good helpful hints and guides you more completley. I got my Haynes for $40 through Imperial Motorcycles.

    They may have been refferring to the cam chain tensioner. This has been a weak point with the whole F series engines since they came out. Most folks replace them with a manual adjuster for about 1/2 the money. They go on easy and are a cinch to adjust as per the instructions. The readjusment period is easily only once every season. But it may be that your engine has other issues than this. It all comes down to the sound as to whether it's the cam itself of the tensioner. No idea of cost to fix it but it won't come cheap. Figure at least $300 because they may as well inspect the valve clearances while they are in there. Just to get into the cam is about a good 20 minutes even for someone that knows what they are doing. For a shadetree mechanic it's about double that. And if you even THINK you want to try it then buy the manual. That is not a task that you do blind for the first time.
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    lol yeah, i said it was the cct curtis. give derek king a call, dude. he'll save you a lotta cash.

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    I second Tee Tee's notion about buying the manual. I have an F2 and I've repaired a lot of different problems relating to my vehicles. After I bought the F2 I went and bought the haynes manual. The manual includes a lot of other good information, like the correct torque setting that the drain plug should be tighten too, and how tight the oil filter should be. If you've never done it before it'd be a wise investment. If your cheap look for one on ebay.

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