hey everybody,

this is a 1991 VW Jetta in immaculate condition. I've replaced everything from CV joints to motor (180 compression all the way across) to bearings front and rear. It's has the brakes done front and rear with FK automotive performance springs and monroe gas shocks. Brand new 205/40/16 tires with rim guard and warranty on TSW Hockenheim R rims. Momo shift knob to say the least. It's white and is a VERY RARE two door coupe (I know that's why I bought it to restore it). I'm selling it because I have my RC and a jacked up Jeep Cherokee. I don't really need a third vehicle - well I did but now I need a house instead! I'm only asking for a LOW LOW $4500. And of course everything is negotiable. email me if you want to see some pics at destruck@yahoo.com

It's a pretty sharp car and cheap on gas and reapirs at that. But trust me no one will need to touch the car for reapirs for the next 10 years at least - barring general maintenance of course! I am desperate to sell as I'm already in the pre approval process for a mortgage. Please contact me if your interested. Thanks for looking!!