Cycle Canada rides ZX-10R @ Homestead
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Thread: Cycle Canada rides ZX-10R @ Homestead

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    Cycle Canada rides ZX-10R @ Homestead

    Indicated 164kph in first gear.

    Hard upshifting. The tester put tape over his boot on the 2nd day. Other testers were having the same problem on upshifts with one bike losing 2nd gear.

    Great brakes. Less wheelie prone than a Gixxer1000. Power doesn't come on until after 6000rpm with anything above 8000 "pure nirvana."

    No dyno read out until they do the inevitable 1000cc bike "showdown".

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    Which contributor did they send down to Homestead?

    Should be good reading when all the comparo's come out Canadian one's should be unbiased and objective as usual, Yanks will be the flashiest while hailing the latest /greatest, and the Brits, well those guys are just fun to read no matter what thye're talking about.

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    164 in 1st? that must either have a fucking stupid top speed(gear limited) or a reaaaaly close gear ratio.... i hope it has the close gear ratio :P sounds fun

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    I've been hearing reports for the last few days about the problems with gearbox. guess there is some truth to those rumors.

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