Neon Install How-to's
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Thread: Neon Install How-to's

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    Neon Install How-to's

    Anyone know of any good sites with instructions or diagrams on a good M/C neon set up?

    If you feel like saying something like "neons are gay dont bother", i dont care and go elsewhere.

    Many thanks

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    beater piece of shit friend yesterday was talking about installing underbody neon on my bike!

    hmm.....donno if it's a good idea...ahahahah

    i don't think it's easy installation though

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    Most of the lights run off of 12volt DC i thought? I'd think they'd be pretty easy to setup, but personally I'd go led lighting. Way less drain, and just as bright, the only difference is the light is directed instead of everywhere.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Neon is real easy to install.. Did it on a few bikes, both sportbikes and crusers..
    just be careful of the exhaust!!!! I can't stree it enough!!!!

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    it's not that hard ,i can help you out if you need it

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