TO all SM Racers -

I have had preliminary talks with Supermoto Canada about becoming the BC Region. As some of you may know Alberta has signed up and will host a race in Edmonton in June.

What I ask is that you all look at
and review their rules and policies and let me know if this is a move you would approve.

In a word or two this is how it would effect us:
> We would be asscociated with a (Truely now) National SM program.

> Insurance and Benefits through head office.

> Initial costs increase to racers. Membership at $130 (first year) and $100 (after).

> $30 (once a year) Racer to Racer insurance policy.

> Participation in Nationals this year. After that (in '05) we would look at running a Western Division Championship and Eastern. Then have a final National Championship round somewhere.

Please get back to me on this via the message board or e-mail.

I hope to have things moved forward in regards to the '04 season after this weekends bike show.