Lets ride to celabrate!!! Sat June 1st
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Thread: Lets ride to celabrate!!! Sat June 1st

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    Lets ride to celabrate!!! Sat June 1st

    I say we celabrate our 400 member stong point. (Any excuse to ride hehe) How about a bg group ride on Saterday? There is already a ride going to Whistler lets have as many people out as possible. If to many people riding in one group is a problem then different groups can leave at different times. We could all meet somewhere up there. If enough people are intrested I can call ahead and let somewhere (restaurant) know we are going to come up for food.

    Or if anyone else has a better idea on where to ride to put them up.

    Who's in?????
    Post up.


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    i'm in and have a suggestion...move it to sunday so i can go

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    I'm in for the Whistler ride...
    I've already posted to the whistler ride thread
    c you there

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