Some of you guys are famous
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Thread: Some of you guys are famous

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    Some of you guys are famous

    (first of I don't know why my message box is about 3 letters wide...)
    Anyhoo, I picked up a copy of Roadrunner and there is a pic of a whole bunch of you posers sitting outside some popular hangout in Vancouver. Big Jim is easily spoted and Atom is in there as well. If you guys REALLY want, I can scan the picture.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing the pic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider
    I wouldn't mind seeing the pic.
    Me neither. Scan that sucka!
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    Julia showed that to us yesterday when we went for lunch at the Flying Swan.
    We spotted VTwinVince and Crazyhorse in addition to Big Jim and Atomlowe.
    RIP Julia, our shining light

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    ??? Can we not download from the C drive anymore?

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    Ah I figured it out.... here you go guys. BTW, any of you also have a tiny narrow post box?

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    matthew is in this one as well.

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    I am even in that picture, well the back of my head anyways....
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    none, till the boys are older
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    I stumbled upon this

    I was the one who told Julia about this article in
    RoadRunner magazine.

    I was browsing thru bike magazines at my favourite
    magazine shop downtown last Thursday, and I picked up
    RoadRunner mag, which I have bought in the past
    for their great touring stories and low and behold
    there was the pic of the Flying Swan and the gang.

    The article was written by Robert Smith who lives here
    in Vancouver and his a contributor to this magazine.

    The picture was from the last Motorcycle Monday in
    May 2003, I know at least ten riders in that picture.

    It is a mix of Vrom and BCSB riders.

    The article itslef was not bad as well.


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    Well I'm from Toronto, so I saw the article and showed it to Kit. He was the one that recognized Big Jim and Atom. I figured there had to be some BCSB folks in there.

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    What are you talking about, I Can't see Big Jim. Although I think I can see Squirly's left elbow.
    R.I.P Bog and Julia. R.I.P. Cody

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    If ya look at the hot girl in the red leather, jim's the guy wayyyy over to the right in an unrelated group of people (tall d00d)
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    loooks like it was good times for sure!! here's to a whole lot more this season!!
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    got to go and buy this RoadRunner magazine.
    coz' im in it! HAHAHAHA
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