Shipping a bicycle??
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Thread: Shipping a bicycle??

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    Shipping a bicycle??

    Iam selling a specialized track bicycle on ebay and have a bicycle box for it,becuase of the size i was wondering what the best way to ship it would be?normally i use post air or expidited with no problems.
    but its worth decent cash so i though ups or fedex but shit 100.00 for ground!

    anyone in the shipping business have a better idea??

    thanks for any help

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    Buy lots of stamps, but I don't know how you're going to get it in the mailbox!

    Maybe Greyhound?
    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    none, till the boys are older
    A friend of mine bought one off ebay, and he had it shipped FedEx. They shipped it to Bellingham adn he couldn't pick it up til 3 days later. By the time he got there they had shipped it back east.
    It's kinda like that commercial with the comp sent around the world. I think it's on a cross country tour.
    Usually they are good tho.
    "...than I'll be done and we can dance.."

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