anybody going to the pit tonite?
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Thread: anybody going to the pit tonite?

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    anybody going to the pit tonite?

    There is this policy at the pit that stipulates that only accompanied non UBC people can go to the pit on wenesday. You need 1 UBC student per 2 "outsiders".

    Normally I wouldnt care, but I told my buddy we would go to the Pit for his birthday.

    So, any UBC students going to the Pit tonite that want to make an easy beer?
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    That's a great place last time I was there some brown guy tryed to stab me in the back for breaking up a fight .My friend grabbed his arm ,thank god it could have hurt. Other than that it was a great place to party I liked the pail of Vodka and Koolaid . It was $10 for 30 seconds sucking on a hose . That was about 4 years ago I don't know if they still do that.

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