Guys...Whats PMS stands for?
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Thread: Guys...Whats PMS stands for?

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    Question Guys...Whats PMS stands for?

    What PMS Really Stands For:

    13. Psychotic Mood Shift

    12. Pack My Stuff

    11. Permanent Menstrual Syndrome

    10. Perpetual Munching Spree

    9. Puffy Mid-Section

    8. People Make Me Sick

    7. Provide Me with Sweets

    6. Pardon My Sobbing

    5. Pimples May Surface

    4. Pass My Sweatpants

    3. Pissy Mood Syndrome

    2. Plainly Men Suck

    And The Number One Thing PMS Stands for is:

    1. Pass My Shotgun

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    Here's a few my friends and I use...

    Post-Meal Sleepiness
    Post-Meal Smoke
    Pre-Meal Smoke
    Don't ride mad... Relax and you'll live longer...

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