Ducati Announces the Production Dates for the Sport Classics
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Thread: Ducati Announces the Production Dates for the Sport Classics

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    Ducati Announces the Production Dates for the Sport Classics

    Love'em, hate'em the 70's are coming back in the form of the Ducati SportClassics.

    Personally I find the Paul Smart 1000 kinda dull in the Silver, but think it would be dead sexxy in red.

    According to the Jan. 30th,2004 Ducati Press Release the SportClassics will go to production beginning with the one thousand limited edition Paul Smart classics in the showrooms from November 2005, next up is the "Sport 1000" which will enter production starting from March 2006 and lastly the "GT 1000", scheduled to enter production in September 2006.

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    Oh man, I can hear a stampede of old Boomers running for the dealership. You know, the same types buying "new" Beetles and Minis who can't get enough nostalgia. Barf.

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    Newbusa is looking for a v-twin and he is in those demographics.
    The difference between you and me .........

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    Call me a boomer if you want, I'm saving for a GT

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    1975 Snortin' Norton Commando, 19somethin` Old . . . .
    i'd buy one . . . . but one's enough

    eric: didya see your pics and vids on the boxing thread?

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    Imola rep for me!

    I will be talking to John about the Paul Smart Imola model
    when it comes out, something about that old style fairing,
    spoked wheels, dual exhausts, silver paint and blue frame
    that does it for me!

    Hopefully by 2005 I will actually be able to afford one!

    Ha! Ha!

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    If these bikes can provide "new millenium" handling and braking with a simpler look then I'm in. I've never liked the Buck Rogers style look. To me a motorcycle should be as minimalist as you can have and still have the shapes flow together or at least complement each other in the simplest manner possible. The ability to see light from one side to the other through the mechanical bits in order to demonstrate an airy and light look is also a valuable charactaristic.

    If I can find the sheckles or win the lotto I'd get a sporty touring bike for the trips and a Sport 1000 for day rides.
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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