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    I have a friend coming to Vancouver on business Thursday and Friday. He is asking me some good places to eat. It has been about 5 or 6 years since I lived downtown. Could you guys help me out with some funky places to eat. I know there was this place down past Granville that had big candles all over and they would drip onto the floor. Great food there, but can't remember the name. How about DV8 is that still there? There is another place that was pretty cool, lots of Martini's just off of Denman. Funky place with cool chairs and booths in Yale Town. Help me out, I have been away for far too long.


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    beer and burger at the Cambie Hotel

    seriously: there's a place called 'Feenies' on west broadway in kits. you can't miss it. well, actually you can as there's no sign with the name on it, but it's got an exterior of red glass. it's opposite KFC, near whitespit on the north side of broadway

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    the place just offa Denman... I think it's called Dhelilla's? Denman & Comox, behind Bread Garden.
    There is also Cardero's. Nice place near the Westin Bayshore.
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    There's this place called Section 3 in Yaletown. I just read a writeup in Western Living Magazine giving it praise for it's funky style. Orange cushiony walls, whacky shaped chairs etc. I think it's a martini lounge with food and some electronic music playing in the background when there isn't a DJ.
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