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    i wanted to buy some aftermarket rims for my 2003 yamaha r6, someone down here has some off a zx12 3.5 front 6.25 rear, will those work on a yamaha r6, are motorcycle wheels interchangeable like that?

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    well i can't really answer your question because i don't really know but i know a forum that might be really helpful for you if you don't know it..... goto www.R6messagenet.com, i think this site you give you alot of info about your R6 because thats where i go to get mine....
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    it would be a lot easier to buy a set off ebay meant for your bike. ps. why would you put a 6.25" rim on an r6?

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    99.9% sure they are not interchangeable. Anything can be made to fit, but is it worth the effort.
    Take ssblades advice and get on eBay. Typically a rear will cost about $150 US and a front $200 unless you get lucky and score them as a pair.
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    measure the distance of the zx12 wheel set up and the r6 set up and see where you have to modify .If its wider than the swingarm your out of luck ,you'l have to mod the swingarm ,and for that effort you migh as well get the complete zx12 rear end swingarm and all and mount that to the r6 ,Once it's mounted there will be no fitment probs cuz the rest will be a bolt on.getting it mounted to the r6 frame will be a bit of work though .If you getthe zx12 set-up get a sprocket carrier ,rear rotor and caliper and axle .You wil ned it all to make the swap easier .
    you could get the r6 wheel prof widend at the rear ,,not the greatest idea but not inconcievable either.

    nearly everybike out there has a 17X3.5 front wheel so keep the r6 front if you can ,its just a matter of spacers axles and bearings .But not impossible .

    I have a gsxr 1000 forks and wheels on a zx7 and a 600rr swingarm on a f4 ,and a ducati arm and wheel on a KAWI so anything is possible

    lots of companies make 6.25 rear wheels ,some even 6.5 and 6.75 to fit any bike you want


    ps don;t let anybody discourage a custom idea ,,good or bad it's fun ,it's diferent ,and stock checkbook bikes are dry like hooker ass anyway

    JUst be prepared to suck it up if folks thinks it looks dumb or don't like it at all .To each his own ,,but there are p[lenty of bikes that are just plain wrong .

    it will definately make the bike turn slower,but so what who needs to turn anyway lol
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