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    sick of health care

    a friend of mine from work told me a tragic story today that made me sick. his close friend's wife died on the weekend. she was complaining of headaches and so she went to the emergency ward. needless to say she was in the waiting room all day before she was finally rushed in due to her deteriorating condition. it was too late, she died shortly after due to lack of bloodflow to her brain caused by a cyst. she was either 26 or 28. to young to die from something that modern medicine should be able to handle. maybe she was destined to die but to spend your last hours in a fukin' useless emergency ward only to be seen after it's too late is disgusting. apparently and justifiably the husband is a wreck. what a shame.

    reminds me of stories my aunt(a nurse)told of people dying on stretchers in hospital hallways in alberta because of klein's cuts during the 90's.

    i myself have been to the local emergency wards and can attest to, as also many others, the total state of decay they are in.

    i can't help but think that if we had not spent a $1,000,000,000.00(that's a lotta zeros )and counting on allen rock and jean chretien's gun registry would the outcome be different. how about the $4,000,000,000.00(that's also a lotta zeros but X4 ) that jane stewart lost/blew in the e.i. fiasco(fiasco? more like fuckin' disgraceful outrage).
    that's five billion dollars (of what we know) that's been blown on nothing more than swaying public opinion. gone, nothing, zero.
    YOUR money used to buy YOUR votes.

    the healthcare system is in tatters. pretty soon there will be no healthcare and we'll all be fucked, american style. thanks gordo.

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    I would not place all the blame on the current government.
    Big changes are occuring in the cost of health care. For instance we are popping something like three times the number of pills that we were a decade ago. It's almost normal today for basicly healthy people to be on one or more prescription drugs. This was not the case in the past.


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    That's horrible...

    Sometime's a do pity the government though... 'cause they're like in a no-win situation... to provide better health care, they'll need to tax more... but if they try, people will complain... if they don't, people complain...

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    If the government was a private company it'd be bankrupt a long time ago.

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    Our system of health care is an idea who's time has come and gone IMO, I think it's time to look at a public/private hybrid system like that of the French {which was voted 1# in the world by the WTO} or go to a U.S. style system which in my experience at least was far superior to the Canadian system.

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