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    leather dye

    Anyone know where to get leather dye? ordered a pair of gloves from the states and they gave me the wrong color gave me white instead of silver.. i figure its easier to dye it/live with it then sendin it back to them

    im Zexed BABY @_@

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    It may actually be esier to send them back You may not be happy with a dye job.

    First you have to deglaze the leather to take the existing treatment out of the leather and open it up for new dye. Then you need dye available here

    Lastly you have to re-seal the leather with a finisher.

    Kind of a pain....


    Micheals (sp) in Langley carried a very limited selection of colours about a year ago... haven't checked since...
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    I just dyed a pair of gloves ( Rhyno ) I got. They were green, I dyed the green parts ( without deglazing them, just rubbed it in) and it looks pretty good. When they are fully dry, I will polish the dyed parts up with a bit of black shoe polish. I've done this before with lots of different leather gear and it works pretty good. White is hard to dye unless you deglaze the leather first, but all other colors I've done this way and it works pretty good. The dye I use is Fiebings, Tana used to make an great dye but, they discontinued it. If you can find some left over tana dye buy it. Hope this helps.

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