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    You guys have it good

    You know, you keep hikering and bikering about ICBC, but insurance out here (Ontario) is getting to the breaking point. I got my renewal last week and had a $1000 increase despite having the best possible star rating and turning 30. I had no tickets or accidents last year. That was for the ZX-6R..... bringing the total to $2700 from $1700. My GS went from $360 to $800. There is NO increase control and we can't only insure for 6 months either.

    What peeves me off is that similar "No Fault" states in the US are MUCH cheaper despite having very large cities and bad weather conditions as well. Something is just not right.

    So before you guys start wishing for private insurance.... think twice.
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    I know what you mean. Everytime someone complains about the cost, I just think, everyone should be glad it's not like Ontario.

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