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    Talking Little Johnny 10

    Little Johnny 10

    One day Little Johnny's parents got into a huge fight, his Dad called his Mom "a bitch" and his Mom called his Dad "a bastard."

    Little Johnny walked in and asked "whats that mean?".

    His parents told him it meant ladies and gentlemen.

    The next day his parents decided to have sex, his Mom said "feel my titties" and his Dad said "feel my dick".

    Little Johnny walked in and asked "whats that mean?" and his parents said it meant hats and coats.

    On Thanksgiving his Dad was shaving and he cut himself, "shit" he said, Little Johnny came in and asked, "whats that mean?" and his Dad said that it was the brand shaving cream he was using.

    Downstairs Little Johnny's Mom was preparing the turkey and she cut herself with the knife, "fuck" she said, once again Little Johnny came in and asked "whats that mean?"

    His mom said thats what she was doing to the turkey, then the door bell rang and Little Johnny answered the door to see his relatives for thanksgiving.

    Little Johnny said, "alright you bastards and bitches, put your dicks and titties in the closet, my dad is upstairs wiping the shit off his face, and my mom is in the Kitchen fucking the turkey!

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    Heh... you could so feel that coming though... setup was too obvious... but still good for a grin.

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