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    A college humor joke

    A young boy comes home from school & his mother says "What did you do today?" To which the boy answers "oh the usual, I had a math test, I got an A in Spelling and I had sex with my English teacher."
    The mother , aghast, doesn't know that to say. She stems & stammers and finally, angrily, she says "go in & tell your father what you just told me!"

    The boy goes into see his father & says "gee, mom sure is mad."

    The father says "why?"

    "I just told her what I did in school today. I had a math test,

    I got an A in Spelling and I had sex with my english teacher." Well the father is beside himself with joy. He gives his son a nudge and a wink and says "congratulations -- you passed a milestone.
    I tell you what --let's go out and celebrate. We'll have some ice cream and then I'll buy you a new bike."
    To which the boy says --"the ice cream sounds great Dad, but let's hold off on the bike a few days -- my ass is killing me."
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    Sorta funny.
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    Not quite how I expected that joke to go... thought it would be that the mother somehow misunderstood what happened by the way he said it. *Shrug*

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