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    Unhappy Split rear tire

    Today, while doing a routine pretrip I noticed a split or what looked like a slash in my rear tire. I keep my bike inside when not riding it and can't imagine anyone at work who wants me dead so I'm thinking defect. Because it's three weeks off the showroom floor, I took it to Carter Honda and plead my case. They said it looked like an act of vandilism and were'nt sure if waranty would handle it. However, the staff there put me first and replaced the tire n/c saying they may have to end up charging me for the tire if Dunlop would'nt cover it. They explained that thier bigest concern was getting me back on the road safely and we would hash it out later. For this I am eternally greatful. Anyone see anything similiar on a dunlop D207? If so I may need the particulars. I don't want to accept that someone has just threatened my life!
    Oh hey, how's that for customer service.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    Dave, you should report it to ICBC also...if it's not a defect it's vandalism for which I think you're insured...I hope your deductable isn't higher then the price of the tire...
    To be honest with you ... that looked a lot like a slash and run...or even an accident...not as much a defect...IMO.

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    sounds liek the exact same thing i had 2 years ago on a rear d207. has a split about 1.5 feet long running close to the center of the tire. was pretty close to straight but not perfectly so. looked like someone took a rather fine blade & just sliced it. in my case, i noticed it when we stopped at a gas station halfway from whistler to kelowna. it was not htere when we left, so no vandalism. it realyl didnt look like it could have been created by debris. i check ed presure & it was still fine. so, altho worried, i continued riding. after a few hundred clicks it was largely gone.

    point of all this rambling is it appeared to be a defect of some sort, & i would suspect urs is the same. if u can post a good quality pic, i will confirm whether it was the same thing i saw. anyhow, hope they cover it for u.


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    rear tire

    The split was actually running perpendicular to the travel direction or across the tread pattern from side to side

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    Re: Split rear tire

    Originally posted by David

    Oh hey, how's that for customer service.
    Wow! I'm getting you to take my bike in when it next needs service... they never treat me like that.

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    I think you have a good point. I'll be putting a call in to them, but I'd hate to have to rely on them. I'll keep you posted.

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    david go to round 1 calgary (under racing) did it look like that? dunlop replaced my tire ,it was a defect.BF
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