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Thread: PayPal & EbaY.???

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    PayPal & EbaY.???

    hey folks, just checking in to see how many ppl here use ebay?

    i am thinkin of gettin on some ebay action, but i have a few questions first.

    1) How safe is it?
    2) How does PayPal work and how safe is that?
    3) what kind of experiences did u lot have?

    feedback please...

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    If you are going to "ebay" Paypal is the way to go and it is secure. You can go read all the stuff on their site. Paypal as far as you being the buyer works by transfering funds from a credit card to an e-mail type account of the seller that they transfer to their bank account. and to answer your last question I don't have any horror stories to tell.

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    Paypal and eBay are as safe as YOU make them.

    Remember that the average joe america six pack uses a password such as "password" or "1234".....if you can manage to stay away from this then youre half way to maximum security.
    eBay gets hacked all the time....its a good idea to have a complicated password....(like #$alfi45) and to change it at least once a year.

    Make sure the web page is not a SPOOF....and do NOT run any "paypal" applications that come in email sometimes, "run this program to update your paypal account" shite......

    I go an extra step, EVEN IF someone were to hack into my PAYpal account and try to withdraw money from my personal bank account, all they would get is about 50 cents cuz I keep all my online transactions in a SEPERATE account number (within the same bank).....Paypal will ask for this information when you sign up. You may wish to create a new savings account for online transactions only.

    Having said all this, I've only ONCE in the last 3 years of eBay and paypal have ever had a problem and that was a fraudlent charge on my credit card which was cleared up in 2.5 seconds by my credit card company.

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    I've done a few hundred transactions and I've really only had a couple that could be considered "bad" experiences.

    But basically... go for it... millions of people already use it... they can't all be wrong.

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    Havent had any bad experiences using EBay/Paypal! Just make sure you read all the item descriptions carefully, especially look at policies on DOA items and stuff.

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    use it all the time, paypal works good for transactions whether it's through ebay or not. Plenty of forums I've been on, buying stuff, through paypal. Totally secure. It comes down to the guy on the other end.

    Look on ebay at the guys rating, check that it's from multiple users (some have friends bump their ratings artificially) and read through history. Not to say newbies are bad, just harder to have a backing to trust them.

    Paypal will also cover you if you get scammed. They are insured. It's a big company. Read the fine print. It's a great tool for shopping online.

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    cool, thanks guys...

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