Need help, spark plug cap removal
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Thread: Need help, spark plug cap removal

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    Need help, spark plug cap removal

    Help - spark plug cap removal...
    OK - I know this isn't the best forum (General), but I'm trying to work on my bike while it is a half decent temperature in the garage (ie 3-4 degrees)..... so I'm trying to get an immediate answer.

    Bike: 2002 ZX-6R

    I pulled the carbs out and now I need to take off the spark plug caps. I've disconnected them, and pulled them loose.... but then as I pull more it feels as though something catches and I doesn't want to go any further. I've pulled 3 of them out..... and all do the same thing. They start coming out slowly and then they release.... but then all the suddent just when you think the thing is going to come out it catches.

    WTF? Is this normal? or once the rubber seals realse.... should it come out nice and easy?

    I don't want to take out the spark plugs.... just the caps.

    Thanks in advance!

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    you took out the carbs. to get to the sparkplugs ?

    If I get you right, by sparkplug caps. you mean the individual Mitsubshi manufactured, extremely expensive, coils ?

    you should be able to pull it out...nice and easy...
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    Ya I pulled the carbs out, disconnected the wires for the caps.... pulled the caps up.... then it got stuck. I had to wiggle it back and forth in order to co-erce it gently..... finally got them out.

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    My bike has iginition coils that fit over or I should say down into the hole that the plug is in. They are kind of tight but if you twist and pull at the same time they will come out. They have a rubber cap that keeps dirt out of the plug hole but I would still used compressed air to blow into each hole or suck it out with a vacuum. I used a small piece of tubing which I attached to a water bottle lid then taped it to the vacuum. As for your heat problem I bought a set of halogen lights on a stand at Canadian Tire and they put out alot of heat besides lighting up my garage really good.

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