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    Question Down shifting trouble - R6

    My 99' R6 will not down shift that well. When you kick it down a gear, it feels like it will only go half way. When you let the clutch out it will then grab the gear with a not so nice clunk. Let me know if this happens to you.

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    That used to happen frequently on my old F2, and it happened ONCE on my current bike after riding for an hour in a massive downpour. Not sure if the weather played a role, but I do not beleive this is normal, get it checked out if it happens regularily.

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    R6's seem to have a rep for bent shifter forks and worn dogs on the gears as a result. But it may not be all that bad. I understand that they also have a little cover that let's you get at the shifter cam drum for an adjustment or to check on cam drum play.

    Either way you're going to want to take it in and let the people that know have a look at it. If it's the fork and dogs then it's only going to get worse. If it's just a shift cam adjustment then it's going to be relatively cheap.

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