Bleeding the Brakes
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Thread: Bleeding the Brakes

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    Bleeding the Brakes

    so my brake fluid has began breaking down--how do I go about bleeding and replacing it? Can I use a bleed kit from canadian tire? and how do i do it exactly?

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    There's a good description of FZ1 brake bleeding at near the middle of the page. The steps will will be the same for your bike (except perhaps the torque measurements).

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    i use a piece of vaccume hose put on the bleeder nipple, into a jar with old fluid in it. then i just do this over and over until i get clena fluid out.
    crack the bleeder, squeeze the brake, close bleeder, pump brake 2-3 times, repeat
    is easy
    do my brakes very often this way, and often have the hardest feeling stock lever of the people around.

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