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    ICBC negotiation

    I am dealing with ICBC for the price of my stolen bike. I though I would share this fax with you and ask for advice:

    Mr. Baker,

    I was thinking that it would help solve our differences of opinion, if I took the time to explain why I think my motorcycle should be valued higher than what was offered.

    Included with this transmission is a work order from the shop that did a full service on the motorcycle, 3000km before it was stolen. As you can see, there is a total absence of fault discovered; even after an extended test ride I asked them to perform. The motorcycle was in excellent shape, even if the mileage was somewhat high. A new chain and manual cam chain tensionner was installed. The later being an part that people look for when buying a used Honda, since the original part has the uncanny habit of failing regularly and hence being worth at least its own price when reselling the bike.

    Also, you should already be aware that the motorcycle in question was equipped with an aftermarket slip on, or muffler. New, the part was valued at $700. I think it would have an affect on the resell value of the bike and it would cost me more to buy a bike so equipped, to replace my stolen one.

    Third, the motorcycle enjoyed a custom paint and custom colored wheels. The results were popular amongst my peers and I feel it would also raise the resell/replacement value of the motorcycle.

    Unfortunately, no 1991 600F2 are for sale at the moment. I have often seen examples go from $3300 up to $4500. The former price asked for very rough examples and the later for pristine ones. Blue book suggests $3500 as an average value, but the necessity of the market places a higher price on them. I place the value of replacing my motorcycle at $4000 give or take a $100.

    To conclude, I would like to thank you for your time and hope for a mutual agreement being reached without further complication. My understanding is that my motorcycle is already for sale at the Queensborough lot as a dismantler and I would hate for you to sell something that is not yet yours. I am willing to accommodate you as required for the sake of expediency.


    I am going high, so we can negotiate. He offered me $3380 the first time and I declined.

    edit: He offered 3380 before I sent him the fax.
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    "ICBC strives to pay as little as possible"
    But considering they are selling a it when it doesn't legally belong to them, I think you got a fair chance to get somewhere in the area that you're asking, prob like $3700 - $3800 or something.

    Good luck.

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    Well written letter.
    Good luck.
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    Good luck... maybe they'll bend a little bit.

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    It's good, but try to proofread a bit before you send it in

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    you made very valid points in your statements and i wish you luck with it.
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    Good letter, as mentioned look for your gramatical errors before you send it. Have you checked the price of the OEM pipe for that bike? I used to have the same one and if I remember correctly it was less expensive to put on an aftermarket pipe than to replace the factory one. Generally stock bikes hold higher value because they can , in many years, be registered as collectors. Best of luck though, let us know what happens. Cheers S.

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