When is the VTR1000 getting revamped?
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Thread: When is the VTR1000 getting revamped?

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    Question When is the VTR1000 getting revamped?

    Anybody know if the FireChicken is next in line for some updates? Honda needs to just throw an RC51 engine in there, put in a bigger gas tank and you'll have the V-twin riders in a frenzy!

    Anybody hear of any rumours?
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    They were supposed to do it for this year, but, we all know what happened with dat.
    Same went for the Blackbird too.

    There was some talk on the VTR forums I've been to but alas, it was all talk.

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    I don't think it needs a new motor. The motor it has now fits the bike, and I think the RC51 is too hard core for what the VTR is trying to be. The high torque available low down, and a red line that doesn't need to be stratospheric to be useful is great. It could probably use a few updates. Fuel injection could give it a bit more power and probably help improve fuel efficiency (although I like the simplicity of carburation). Suspension could definitely be improved (to catch up to the SV1000) and they need to update the brakes. Oh, and a larger fuel tank is a MUST!!! I wouldn't mind if they added the ability to add some luggage, and maybe lower the pegs (or allow them to be adjusted like the ducatis) to make it's touring capabilities better.

    Other than that, I find the VTR to be a great bike, with all the performance I could really ever want on the street. Plus I love the semi-faired look with the engine very visible. it's just pretty.

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