My non-internet friend is unloading his bike due to a move and asked me to post here.

2002 GSXR 1000, red/black/silver, 5,300k
He had to put on a rad screen before he rode it on the street.
He bought the frame sliders but couldn't drill the fairing.
Only damage is light scratches to the seat cowl, when it fell off the back when he was suiting up. This is one clean, very stock bike! It's also had about 3 oil changes already but only the initial "yup, it's still there" service, but he has all the bills.


pm me and I'll set up a meeting or answer whatever questions I can.
This bike is almost stock and new so please go test ride a dealers bike instead, unless you are serious. My commission (NOT! ) will be spent on getting my friend a damn computer!