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    Official Announcment

    Derek King Racing Ltd. will no longer be open for business effective March 1st 2004.

    Though the shop is doing well enough to sustain, between DKR and my other 2 jobs I couldn't see myself getting regular days off for another couple of years. Right now, with 2 great boys and a wonderful wife at home I felt a obligation to make a change before its too late. A position at the helm of a family business presented itself to me and I jumped. Good pay, regular days off, peace of mind and family are priority, it can't be any other way.

    I'd like to take this time to thank a few folks. Firstly, my great and loyal customers. It's been an awesome ride keeping you saticfied and happy. For those of you interested, I will be working on bikes at home and will be happy to help you that have supported me over the past years. I will remain on the board so please contact me here. BIG thanks to Julia and Bog for their relentless patronage and promotion of DKR and others. You guys really are a huge force in promoting safe and positive attitudes toward riding on the local scene. Thanks to John Bowman (BOMAX) and the family for your help and support, not only with the shop but from day 1 when you found me loading up my blown up TZ 250 in the pits at Portland. We went along way from that day. And, of course "Thank You" to my awesome wife and family for allowing me to follow dreams.

    I hope to see a lot of you around, as I won't be steping entirely off the planet. We will be running the DKR RS 250 at various dates at Mission in 2004 and helping out a couple of other riders, so stop by and say "hi".

    Its been great, really. Thanks again to all of you. You know who you are.

    And now for the unpleasant Rant that comes with the above message.

    I get completely choked when I read a post complaining about how "This dealer ripped me off" or "That dealer hurt my feelings" or the best and most common " booo hoo hoo hoo", and oddly enough that very cry baby wipes his tears and takes his wounded wallet down the road to the next motorcycle superstore to experience the whole pathetic situation all over again.

    You, and you know who you are, would be doing yourself and the local motorcycle service industry a huge favor if you would try out the little guy. Try them all, find one you like, and you will find one you like, and stick with him and support him. It seems as though a lot of you (not all of you of course) are either afraid or too stupid to go to the small shops where customer relations is job 1. You spend most of your time calling from dealer to dealer looking for another couple of bucks off an oil change with absolutely no loyalty at all. The concept is quite simple. You will, over the long run, save way more money by being a regular at one of the small shops than any overly marked up pathetic sale price at any supershop.

    There are small shops around where the guys are just waiting to give you a great deal and keep you happy and as a regular customer. If you continue to over look these guys, guys like John at Bomax and Bill at 5ft Gear, you will notice something happen. The supershops will get bigger and bigger and the little guy will get smaller and smaller until they are gone all together. Then the dealers will have you by the nuts. Don't you see, they can afford to give away big bling prizes because they already make huge coin off you guys. $80.00 an hour labour? what the #@$*, who's worth that? And after you sign you Visa slip and walk out they laugh and think ** There goes another one**and their right!

    Stop crying and just try them out! They're the guys in the Yellow Pages with the "little" ads. Try them on a low dollar project, you'll know who's good, you'll get a vibe. Then develop a relationship with them and from then on enjoy a worry-free experience each time you go back.

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    I met you once at dyno day and you were a great guy, I hope the best for you Derek.

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    I am very sorry to hear that you are closing. I have a friend that asked me where to take his bike for servicing and for new tires. Because Bomax was not taking new customers, I suggested you. He thanked me very much, said you provided a wonderful service and you were very easy to deal with. We did discuss price, but we both agreed that the smaller shop with a good rep is the way to go due to customer service and he didn't mind paying a couple of dollars more for the tires if he knew it would be done right.

    Hats off to you, best of luck in the future.
    BCSB- Moderator

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    "Here here!" for the rant Derek.

    It's too bad you are closing up, I never got a chance to come out your way (only because it was too far from home for me) but I've heard nothing but GREAT things from those that have had their bikes serviced at your shop.

    Best of luck in your new venture.
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    Good luck, Derek, and I agree with your "rant". I take most of my business to the best "little guy" around, Gord at Imperial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkr
    It seems as though a lot of you (not all of you of course) are either afraid or too stupid to go to the small shops where customer relations is job 1.
    The nail was beaten over the head right there. Particularly with the words 'too stupid'. How many threads of have been started because of guys bitching about dealer service? How many more have to be started before that dim light goes off in your head and you decide really awesome customer service is worth more then saving a couple bucks on a new set of tires?

    Quote Originally Posted by dkr
    Try them on a low dollar project, you'll know who's good, you'll get a vibe. Then develop a relationship with them and from then on enjoy a worry-free experience each time you go back.
    Just like that. It's not hard people. You'll get a good/bad vibe from the moment you walk in. The first time I dealt with Derek I knew where my business belonged. What'd I get out of it? Ass kicking service, a guy that'd answer whatever dumbass questions I had for him, as well as a friend who has done an incredible job helping me set up to pursue my racing ambitions.

    All because I tried a small shop...
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    Thanks for the good work, honest opinions, and fair prices Derek. Best wishes for you in your new venture. I hope it works out really well for you!


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    I've never met you, but you sound like a standup guy... good luck in your future endeavours.

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    Props to derek for making this huge decision,its the hardest decision to make in your life!believe me.But all the weight gets lifted and a sense of relief is now refreshing as hell.

    i have known derek for years as stated as is a great guy and always will be,its a tough loss. like he said the smaller shops are getting squeezed out slowly.

    I learned in the last few weeks of being basically unemployed that family comes first and sometimes you dont see it till its to late.great choice derek.

    Anytime you need something you know were iam at and i will let ya know were i end up working if i do.

    we have a excellant racing past and have gone to some good races,never a argue or bitch and complaint,just get it done.Just like yer business.

    I wont go into the business end of shops etc...its endless as you know.

    Take care talk soon. john

    need a hand doin stuff let me know i have free time now

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    If it helps you out Derek I'd be more than happy to take over your customer list . You can even help your customer's or work on what ever you need out of here . I'd like to get involved with some road racer's this year especially those at novice level. I could really use more business I'm trying to get SSblade hired on , he's a great mechanic and is really into performance stuff. But I need more support to get him on the payroll. Good luck Derek , If your suppliers shut you off I'll still sell you parts for what you use to get them at.

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    That was a good rant Derek, my hat is off to you and Bill (5thgear) Gord and Ted from imperial John from Bowmax and all the other guys that went and sweated it out doing their own thing. I don't have the busness knowledge or cajones to open my own place even though alot of people have been bugging me to for years.
    Lets face it, the number one reason that the big stores are what they are is sales. New bikes ,new gear new whatever . Most of but not all of the owners of these places consider the service department and the service staff as something they have to have but would rather do without. It's all about getting another bike down the road financed to the hilt with extended warranties, $1000 helmets and new riding gear.
    I wish I could sell because I would make more money and could loose the
    10 grand or so in tools that I have had to buy to earn a living.
    Anyway, good luck in the future and we'll see you around for sure.

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    I don't know what to say Derek, part of me is sad that you are closing shop yet part of me is extremely delighted that you have,IMO, made the right decision of family first. And then there is another part of me that's just as happy when I read that you will be out at Mission, .

    I will see you there, in complete DKR form.

    From the first time I met you at Bomax's, safety wiring my bike for the race school, you have been nothing but a perfect gentleman. Very happy for you.

    Thanks for all your help and great service always with a smile.

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    i had a guy call the other day asking how much for an oil change on a monster. i said about 75 bucks including motul 5100, labour, and taxes. he then asked why a ducati shop qouted him 167 dollars for the same oil change.

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    Good luck Derek.

    I wish the south island had a few "small shops" like yours...I love my dealer and they service me to death but to be honest, I hate to see the profits going to an owner who's less than personable or srupulous(sp?).

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    good luck on your persuits derek! and that was a good rant!

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