Girl or Bike ???
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Thread: Girl or Bike ???

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    Question Girl or Bike ???

    GUYS...Which one do you pick the Girl or the Bike???

    PS...Can't have both.

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    I'm going to say bike... less maintenance and more fun to ride too!
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    bike, for shizzle

    they dont talk back

    they dont get jealous when you ride other bikes

    and they cost a lot less in the long run :P

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    If you don't get to choose....go with the'll get another girl that isn't so demanding

    If you go with the girl that sez you can never have a'll never have a bike

    simple eh?
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    i had a girl once but she got super jealous with my bike and so we parted ways. she didn't know that i'm a much better boyfriend with a bike. get the bike and the rest will follow.

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    bike no question ,

    you can fix a bike no matter whats wrong with it .it doesnt talk when your trying to fuck with it .You can ride it in the middle of the night and its always ready ,and when you buy new stuff for it it doesnt leave you for someone else to put between thier legs .

    besides girls hate it when you try to fill them with gas

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    I think you already know the answer but your just looking for some support here. If your married with children stick with the girl until your kids are old enough.

    If you pick the girl over the bike you will every day of your life think about this and it will eat you up. You will think that you have scored points by making this choice but in fact she will now know that if she makes a stand you will cave in. She will use this against you.

    I've been there got the T-shirt and took this kinda of abuse for 3 years but never again.

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    If you find a woman that you will ditch the bike for, either she is the right girl for you or you are riding the wrong bike. Make your decision...

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    My GF loves attention. My motorcycle loves attention.
    Sometimes, Jewell gets a tad annoyed that I spend so much time six months of the year blasting around the province, but she understands how much I love to ride and has always said she'd never stop me.
    Occasionally, I choose to stay home and spend time with her because that's what you do when you're in a relationship — you compromise.
    My GF understands. She told me not even two weeks ago when I was considering selling the bike to buy a house (I have since discovered it would make little difference in my pre-approval limit) that even though she would like to have more attention, and would get it without the bike around, she knew I would be miserable within about a week come riding season.
    I think if a woman makes a demand like that, she's not worth the time. Period. If Jewell had a burning passion for skydiving (which I seem to think is a retarded activity), I wouldn't stand in her way of doing it.
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    none, till the boys are older
    what about a girl w/ a bike
    "...than I'll be done and we can dance.."

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    They smell nicer.
    Ass, Gas, or Grass. Nobody rides for free.

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    Anyone who makes you make that kind of decision isn't thinking about you. Not just about bikes but about almost anything (with the exception of actual harmful/illegal choices).

    My wife wanted me to ditch the bike at first, then she finally realized what it meant for me to own such a beast. She still puts the usual front about her disagreement with my bike but I know she doesn't mean it.

    Way i figure it, it reduces the severity of my upcoming mid-life crisis.

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