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Thread: Need Serious Advice - New in Canada

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    Need Serious Advice - New in Canada

    Please help me here. I am new in Canada, and I need advice.
    I have been driving bikes for 16 years now, back home. A few months ago I landed in Canada, and after taking the written test, I need to complete the road test.
    I don't own a bike yet.
    There are restrictions on my 'Interim Driver's License', specifically "Operation of Motorcycle permitted only while under direct supervision of an adult age 25+ who holds a valid class 6 driver's license" (code 11).

    So how do I renovate my license if I can't drive???

    I have called 'BC Safety Council' and 'Action', and they both say the same thing: Come take a full 500$ course with us.

    But I only need one or two lessons and a bike to take the test!

    So... Is there anyone here who has renovated a motorcycle license from overseas? How did you do it?


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    Try these guys...

    Cycle BC Rentals

    I think a friend of mine had rented a small cc bike from there last summer.

    HOWEVER, I DO firmly recommend that you take a course; the skills may be there, but the rules may be different here than where you came from, so there may be some things you may not know to look for during your road test or (more importantly) riding career.

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    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    I'm not sure what your question is exactly... but you can take a lesson or two (paid by the hour) by some of the schools (they include a bike, I believe). If you want more details, PM me. You may also be able to book your riding test through this guy as well.

    Good luck!!
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    All you need to do now is pass two tests.

    Test one consists of a parking lot examination - after passing which your supervisory restirction shall be removed.
    This one should give you no problems seeing as you already know how to ride.

    Test two consists of a road test - after passing which you will have a full class 6.
    For this, definitely do your homework and read up on the past threads here about the road test as this can be a tricky thing for some ppl.

    There is no need to pay $500 to ride again.
    Rent a bike and go do your tests.

    Also depending what country you (for example Finland) are from, the differences in traffic law might be menial.

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    "There is no need to pay $500 to ride again. "

    IMHO, the lessons are well worth it. After all, what's your life worth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikerider
    "There is no need to pay $500 to ride again. "

    IMHO, the lessons are well worth it. After all, what's your life worth?

    16 years of experience...I'm guessing that he has a decent idea of how to corner through pylons. Traffic laws are different, but thats what the written test was for. If he fails on the traffic laws, then the learners written test needs to be re-written.

    I'm all for the course for new riders....but 16 years is a lot of riding
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    dude....all u need is this..... your friends a parkin' lot test....ride around some cones..make sure your foot dont touch the ground more than 2 times....when u pass your road test the same day over the phone..and youre there my man...16 years...hell....thats plenty...if u not sure what the traffic laws are..pick up a book as i'm sure u have.....
    now..the thing with ..having someone to ride with along your side is kinda shady....its not really gonna happen mate.....that shit just dont werk! yes the law is there but its rarely enforced...i rode my bike for a year wif just the written long as youre not being a dick on the street..u'll be aite..... i'm not sure how this whole L or N driver thing goes..i never put any stickers on my bike .....
    good luck.....
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    Actually the new MC tests are very strict. You must study the 2 books ICBC gives you and be ready to repeat the material covered there. You must know stuff like hazzard identification, lane positioning etc...did you know that you must look over both shoulders while backing your MC towards the curb? Do you know how you must park it against a curb? A lotta specifics. Knowing how to physically ride a MC in your home place...and knowing the precise details here in BC, are two different things. Have you ever had any professional MC rider training before? I strongly suggest you take a full local Mc rider course. They supply the bikes & gear & you are ready for the tests when you's only $500 Canadian...not like it's real money or anything!

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