Ruben Xaus nasty high-speed crash
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Thread: Ruben Xaus nasty high-speed crash

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    Ruben Xaus nasty high-speed crash

    Xaus stays overnight in hospital as circuit investigates crash

    The latest news on Ruben Xaus after his nasty high-speed crash at the Phillip Island circuit this afternoon is that he is fully conscious with no serious injuries and resting overnight at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Xaus was airlifted to hospital after the crash, which took place at around 12:10pm and had the track closed for over an hour by marshals as they looked into the causes. Questions are still going on as to what actually happened, but caught up with the circuit director Fergus Cameron, who gave the official account of the incident.

    Reports from the marshals at that site are that as Xaus came out of the Siberia section of the circuit he lost control of his machine before the right-hand kink and continued head on towards the barriers. There is 250 metres of run-off here with gravel, and the marshals say that he was still in contact with the bike when he hit the tire wall. When asked about the causes of the accident, which took place on a part of the circuit where riders are approaching the dog-leg flat out in fourth gear at around 190km/h, Cameron continued, “We later took some senior riders out to the spot where the accident happened to see what they thought of the crash site. We had noticed a lot of dirt had been displaced, and there was some evidence that one or two riders were maybe taking a line well outside the white line. We weren’t sure however whether it was a general line or whether just one or two riders had made the mark.”

    After consultation with the riders, which included Max Biaggi, Alex Barros and Nicky Hayden, Cameron concluded, “The riders said that they were all going inside the white line, but they said that maybe it was possible that Xaus was taking an erratic line in that corner.”

    When asked, American youngster Nicky Hayden remarked, “I guess he just ran off the track before he crashed. The circuit directors took us out there to look at the spot. They were wanting to fill the dirt in there, because they thought that someone had cut off the track corner more than once or twice. I don’t think so at all though, I don’t think you could hit that spot too many times without big problems so… I think it’s a simple mistake.”

    On Xaus’ condition, Cameron stated, “Ruben is currently resting at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, where it was recommended that he stay in overnight for observation after a precautionary CAT scan. It appears that everything is okay though, and obviously everybody is pleased to see that.” Team members of Ducati D’Antin confirmed Xaus’ condition, and said that he hopes to return to the circuit tomorrow, although not to ride, after bruising his neck and back region quite badly.

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    hmmmmmm. doesn't sound like much fun. glad he's ok. he's a seasoned crasher. he'll be fine!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purplekawi
    hmmmmmm. doesn't sound like much fun. glad he's ok. he's a seasoned crasher. he'll be fine!!
    yes, this guy can crash like no one else!

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    Just a quick preview of the season to come.
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    ouch.... yah i have to agree he is a seasoned crasher!

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    Xaus does use some....uhhh....unorthodox lines.

    Tremendously entertaining rider--I just hope that he continues to avoid serious injury. Probably be better on a Honda--their budget can probably absorb his off-track excursions more easily than Ducati.
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