ISR brakes have you seen these ?
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Thread: ISR brakes have you seen these ?

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    ISR brakes have you seen these ?

    They come from Italy or somewhere over the pond, and I ordered 1 for my Corona bike. The Brembo 14mm plunger Radial brake I got for my Motard is a nice piece of work , but this is ART and you can get up to a 17mm plunger WTF is that for 17mm would stop a runaway Mack I ordered that one......just kuz I'm a fat fucker and about the same weight as mentioned truck. I can get these from a distributor in canada for $450 + 1 tax if any one is interested ? I'm thinkin they ripped off R2 D2's arm when they made this system, the lever will fold up as well as down in a crash and will also pivot out as more broken lever's...........ya right ? If nothing else it look's freekishly kool.
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    thats the nicest lever i ever seen :P

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    And its got a ring to hang tassles off of, what more could a man ask!
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    That's sooo hot.
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