Update on ticket dispute
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Thread: Update on ticket dispute

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    Update on ticket dispute

    As some of you may remember I have had quite the ordeal with our friendly neighborhood traffic courts. For those who don't, I disputed two tickets some time ago and wasn't notified of the hearing dates in May of last year. Because of this I was forced to pay the fines to renew the insurance on my car in Nov. I was insistent that the fines didn't reflect my actions and filed affadavits to reschedule hearing dates for the disputed tickets. Well, the fist of the two dates was Feb. 19th and on the notification I noticed that it now specifically states that the issuing officer can submit testimony via phone or fax. Going into the courtroom I was certain I would need persuasive testimony to at least have the fine reduced so was prepared with notes and details of the events...Officer didn't show, charges dismissed
    Like I had mentioned I have paid the fines already and was informed it could be 6-8 weeks before I am reimbursed, I'll keep you all posted.
    As for my other pending ticket the question I have is can you file a case with the Charter for " Due process " before the hearing date has been set???

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    Give it a try.
    The may simply tell you to wait until the day is decided upon. The downside is that by doing so you may tip your hand. Don't remind them that you are ready to push this matter. If you complain now they may decide to give you an earlier date than they otherwise would. If you don't need the money back right away (I don't know how much we are talking about here), then just sit it out.


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    "due process" case dismissal usually occurs after 12 months have lasped......or so the traffic guys say here in Nanaimo....not sure if thats from the first court date or from the date of the offence.

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    yeah that sounds about right. I think it's after 12 months starting from the date of the offence.

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