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    Wake up!

    For those of you, like me, about to wake up the baby, here's some advice. You are about to do the the most damage to the engine you will do all season, barring any extreme mishaps. The mains and rod bearing are now sitting in contact with one another from 6 months of storage. This is bad. These bearings ride on a hydraulic sleeve of oil all the time, under normal conditions.

    Here's a plan: pull the plugs, hook the car's battery up to the bike and crank it over on the starter for a good couple minutes, in 20 second bursts (longer bursts of starter use beat on the starter and battery). This will ensure oil pressure is there on startup. Alternatively, you could push it around the driveway in top gear to do this but, I think you'd get pretty tired before oil pressure got built up.

    Here's an interesting engine storage fact I read. During WW2, some aircraft engines were shipped with the engine full, including the cylinders, of ATF or some other light lube, then wiped with cosmoline and wrapped in oil-soaked canvas. You could store an engine in a sunken ship like that without risk of damage. Pump/drain the fluid, fill as specified and watch the 5 minute smoke show as all the excess oil burns off. Good to go.


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    good on ya for that story and for the tid bit info. i just fired up the Kawi for its first potential buyer on sunday after being idle since middle of november(couldn't ride due to broken foot then torn AC Joint in shoulder) and the guy thought i was LOOOPY for just having the thing winding over without starting it. I told him I was getting the oil circulating through it before it went under gasoline power. still don't think he quite understood but no worries. I power up the plugs and cranked it and it fired right up. damn i'm gonna miss that bike.
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