meet at stanley park??
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Thread: meet at stanley park??

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    meet at stanley park??

    a couple friends and i were at stanley park (june 1st-2nd)..around 1 am and i saw like 5 bikes passin us by on the little alleys...
    i was just wonderin if there was a meet or something... or if u guys were just cruisin around....

    i was going to go, and say hi if they stopped at a parkin lot or something....but i didn't see them on our way back so they must have gone already

    anyways, i was just wonderin... cuz it woulda been cool if the guys were from here...


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    Was this at the totem poles?

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    thats where i saw them at.. well near the totem poles
    all of my friends and i were sitting near the sea wall thing.. but we werent far away from the bathrooms (WHICH WERE CLOSED ) LOL. ....

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