A Big Thank You to John Valk - Especially Ian
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Thread: A Big Thank You to John Valk - Especially Ian

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    Friday I posted that I was buying a used F4I from John Valk BMW. After putting a deposit on it and paying the rest on Saturday, I had a real change of heart....

    Don't get me wrong I really liked the bike, but even after it had been lowered to it's absolute max it was still not comfortable. I kept thinking that I'd get use to it and it was just that I wasn't use to being on a ride, so I convinced myself all would be fine.

    Later that Saturday morning I went out with my partner to get his bike out of storatge and I had a chance to sit on another lowered bike and what do you know, it fit 'just right'. Fit is so important for safety when you're only 5'1" - as I am. And that's when it happened.... I realized I was in the wrong bike.

    I knew the dealership had no obligation to help me out and that technically I had bought the bike and that should have been the end of it, but three hours after I'd paid the bike off I called and asked what would happen if I'd changed my mind. Much to my surprize they were wonderful about it. Ian, the manager of the Parts and Service Department was exceptional.

    They took great care of me, refunding all but half the cost of the lower kit. I can't say enough for their understanding.

    THANK YOU to all who put in the effort to help me out and to Ian who looked after my safety first....

    I was told there were three other interested buyers and the bike won't sit ideal for too long...so hopefully it worked out okay for all.

    Cheers to John Valk and I wish you all the best this riding season!!!!

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    A Friend of a Friend (carlos) Told me about this bike. I wonder if he told me about it before it came back to them or before you bought it? Anyways, The Bike has Already been sold. Called John Volk today and they told me the bad news..

    I had a buyer lined up for it .. but oh well..

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    I actually never picked up the bike. Never Rode it, and only bearly ever started it, at the dealership. They told me as I was buying it that there were many interested parties...I heard about it Thursday night @ 5:45pm - if that helps...

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    Hi Tracy, I'm sorry we couldn't get you comfortable on the Honda and I am glad everything worked out at BK, They are a really good bunch of guys.
    The main thing is you found something that your comfortable on and ya, the F4i was gone by the end of the day.
    Good luck with the new wheels and post up some picks

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    So what's the bike that fit just right? ZX6-RR?
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