I started another thread on it but I also thought it was worth putting it up here. My gixxer was stolen on Monday night from underground parking. I had it very well chained and didn't buy theft coverage for it. The brought grinders with them and stole the bike. I don't see people riding it the way it is.....there's a few other SRAD racers and maybe you know a few more; I know you're always looking for parts please help me out and be on the lookout for anyone dumping off normal SRAD any of these parts. Spread the word if you can, this bike means a lot to me and I can't replace it.

Carbon fibre handle bars (one of a kind) with Ducati clip-ons
Race front fairings with PIAA headlights frenched in
Woodcraft rearsets (have CFM engraved on them)
Traksport Stator cover
Factory Pro Starter cover
Polished frame, wheels, swingarm, triple

It has a few other mods but most people wouldn't know unless I told them and I don't want to help any thief with parting out my bike. It was ready for Mission, just swap wheels and add some wire.

Pics are here: