Ex500 upper cowling
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    Ex500 upper cowling

    Its about time to pull the bike out of winter storage and get rolling on two wheels again. However, last year I hade a little accident when unloading my 95 Kawi ex500 off my truck and I busted off a piece of my upper front fairing. I'm wondering between getting it fixed (the piece that busted off is about fist size), replacing it (@ a cost of $834), or maybe race glass or something. So help me out here with some insight on maybe cheaper prices to buy new fairing or a good place in the Okanagan to get cosmetic work done. Much appreciated.

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    I've cracked bike fairings before and I had them repaired and repainted.

    I'm pretty sure most bodyshops should have a resident plastic welder to do this sort of work. After it's done you can't tell that the piece was cracked from the outside. On the inside of the plastic you see a grid like piece of plastic smothered with goo where the crack was.

    It's a lot cheaper than having to buy a brand new fairing piece.
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