Fixing my fairings??????
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Thread: Fixing my fairings??????

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    gixxer 5150

    Fixing my fairings??????

    I recently purchased an 89 gixxer. The paint on the fairings is perfect, but on the left side the mid and the lower, where the two meet, have quite a large warp in them. The paint is not affected, but they do not meet up with each other perfectly and it is quite noticeable. It looks like they have warped from the heat of the engine or header. My question is, is there any way to reshape them back? Basically the mid fairing has warped out between the two mounting bolts and looks like it just needs to be flattened out. The same thing with the lower. Does anyone have any good ideas of how to do this? I was thinking of using a heat gun, heating it from the inside and slowly bending it back. I don't want to replace the two panels as the paint is flawless, and anything I buy would have to be painted to match the rest of the bike. Thanks in advance for your ideas on this one.

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    if you heat it enough to mold the plastic back its likely the paint will peel ,,if it doesnt rigth away it may seperate from the plastic and in the future peel could leave it under some type of heat lamp or in a very hot room and use weights to affect the bend .sounds to me it wil be tricky to save the paint and repair it .good luck

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