First Road Trip on my Bike!!!
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Thread: First Road Trip on my Bike!!!

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    First Road Trip on my Bike!!!

    Yay!!! Today I did my first road trip on my bike

    My BF and I went up to Harrison Hot Springs today. We took Highway #7 all the way up. The road was busy but great That twisty section right before you get to Agassiz was soooooo much fun. I was grinning all the way especially when we ended up behind a couple of cruisers and no cars ahead of us...we just roared through the corners

    Great start to more twisties

    There were lots of bikes on the road .... there and back....if you were out today and saw a blue R6 and a maroon/red Ninja 500....that was us And yes...we waved at everyone...even the Harleys

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    Good job penelope! curious did the harley riders wave back?

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    Yep .... I would say about 98% of them waved. The odd one didn't...but it was very rare that they didn't. And I would say about 50% of the time, they initiated the wave...which was really nice to see. So I guess they're not all snobs

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    Good to see you had fun Penelope . You now know what the addiction is to twisties is all about .

    Your gonna find yourself riding 120km for coffee now, but its more than worth it in my opinion .

    The Harley riders for the most part are pretty cool from what I've seen.
    Ride in peace my friends...

    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

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