Just picked up my new leather jacket yesterday.

I went with the Velocity 'cause it seemed to have so much to offer with my style of riding in mind (lots of commuting, weekend warrior, long trips once or twice a year, and sometimes I get a little worried that my back tire will run away from me!).

Anyway, comes with armour, padding in all the right places, 1.4mm of leather and it looks pretty cool to boot. I am not into fancy colours on my leather, so I got the solid black. Matches my solid black bike!

Couldn't get the pants as the stock is still not in, but I am sure to look at them when they come in. For now I still have my old ballistic textile (if that is as a faux pas, believe me I have better things to worry about!)

Bottom line: Velocity fits well (I am tall and thin so that's all I can tell you about)... feels like it would save my skin and bones, and everyone says I look good in it. One person said I looked like an X-man... is that good??

I could post pics I guess...but for now, check out joe rocket's website.