GPS how accurate are they???
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Thread: GPS how accurate are they???

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    GPS how accurate are they???

    I got a free GPS unit form Finning Tractor; it’s called the CAT Finder hahaha it is a Garmin, basic GPS.
    I Velcroed it to the bike to test the Speedo, and both the GPS and my Speedo were dead on, are these GPS units very accurate.
    I have changed my gears so was very interested to know if my calculations
    were accurate in the Speedo recalibrator, I guess so!

    It is very nice to know what my speed is, puts the mind at rest when around cops.

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    Well, the US military uses GPS to guide cruise missiles, and civilian surveyors use GPS instead of manual theodolites and transits now.

    Also, aircraft use them for navigational purposes, etc etc etc.

    Does that answer your question?


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    For speed GPSesess are very accurate at high speeds. More accurate than any consumer-level speedo or even a police radar gun. There are times, like in very tight turns, that they loose thier accuracy, but who looks at their speedo in a kneedragger?

    The systems used by the (US) military and for landing aircraft are slightly different and are more complex. Even those used for mapping/surveying operate differently than they would on a bike to attain higher stationary accuracy. On a moveing bike you can expect ~10m accuracy today. Not enough to land a plane, but more than enough to tell which road you are on.

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    I did the same with the bike too, checking the speedo with a GPS.

    Just make sure that youre in a good coverage area and are going at a consistent rate of speed for a few seconds and the GPS should be within 1 kph or so.

    Very cool stuff.

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