stolen bike/accident witness forum?
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Thread: stolen bike/accident witness forum?

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    stolen bike/accident witness forum?

    is it possible to have a forum where people can tell everyone if their bike has been stolen or have had a hit and run situation and need the help of other members on this site? everyone has seen how effective it was for gixxstar to post up about his bike and uploading pics of it onto the site. i would think it should be like the classifieds where only the author can post to the thread and all info be shared between pm's or other contact between members. theft of bikes has become out of control and if we all can save even a few of them from being completely lost to the owner i think it would pay off huge.

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    I think this is a great idea and we can see how this can work by Gixxstar getting his bike back.

    I posted this as well at the beginning of this month...

    Lets deter some thefts or kick some thieves ass....

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    the more members to the site ,id say the more likely it is to have your bike back ,,of course there are members who are gona steal anyway and now that they have a target on thier backs they'll prob just part em out its a never ending struggle .but anything is better than nothing .

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    I'm all gain on this...GREAT IDEA!!!

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    I'm all for getting as much attention for those that need help possible. The only thing is, I think is that anyone who used it would want to post in the most active area possible. For me, the general forum does it. I'd check a seperate forum all the time as I have a special interest in the matter but I'm a little concerned that the word wouldn't get out as well if this kind of stuff was isolated to one corner of the site.

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    From an older thread related to stolen bikes.

    BARF Bike Theft database
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