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    Wacky Tach

    The tach on my wifes 92 EX500 became very erratic near the end of last season. Would work, then not, then wildly inaccurate. Does anyone have suggestions on how to narrow the problem? I think it's either something with the ECU or the tach itself but don't know how to go further.
    Does this bike make my ass look fast?

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    Without knowing how much fairing work you would have to do first......check the most accessible component first.....(duh).

    Check the connection TO the tachometer.
    Check the tach pickup point/connection for the wire.

    If possible (if need be go buy a $10 mutimeter from CT), run a continuity check (remove the wire from the pickup and the tach connectors and attach one MM terminal to each wire end) to ensure that the wire is not frayed or otherwise damaged and/or making intermittent contact with metal parts.
    Gently wiggle and pull/push it and see if you cant get the reading to fluxuate.

    If you dont want to buy a MM, do this check while the bike is idling, being cognative any live/hot/moving parts.

    Worse case scenario, get a new pickup unit or tach and see if that solves anything.
    If not, then you can always return the parts - most places should take them back.

    I'm not an electrician, (just a mere jet engine tech) and I dont know much about your specific bike, but this is a generic idea of what I would try.

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    Check the battery connection. I had similar symptoms when one of the battery leads got loose and had a on and off connection.

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    Not being a bike mechanic or anything, but all my bikes tachs have been mechanical not electrical. It is however a good thing to check the connections as they can come loose. My fiancee's bike has a chronic problem with that and we're forever tightening up the little bugger!

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