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    My Osoyoos Trip

    Hey everyone,

    Just thought I would post a message on my awesome trip to Osoyoos this weekend.

    I was riding up 2up with my girl on the back, and a couple of friends were following in car. We didn't leave until 6pm and due to travelling with a car didn't arrive in Osoyoos until after midnight. No big deal, we just took her easy, stopped once for a dinner and a couple of times to fill the beast.

    The road up there is quite nice, I don't recommend doing it at night as after you pass Hope and turn onto Hwy 3 the roads have lots of potholes in them. There are some great straight stretches as well as some perfect twisties after Princeton.

    My buddy on his VFR joined me in Osoyoos for the ride back, we decided not to travel with the car this time. The ride back was just awesome. I didn't go 2up this time, due to the Ultimate tournament my legs were in enough pain and I really need the rear pegs to stretch out onto. I love going superman! Something else I also found really good for a little stretch is resting your legs on the frame sliders! Hah, cruiser style, it was quite funny.

    We went threw a couple of rainstorms just outside of Osoyoos and a few more just after Princeton, nothing serious, and we dried up in about 5 minutes once we were through.

    I think the average speed on the way back was about 140, with bursts up to 200km. I think we blew threw Manning Park in about 10 minutes having only to drop below 160 a few times, no traffic, open roads, it was truly great.

    Took us about 4 hours to get home, that was including 2 fill ups and a 30min food stop.

    Anyways, take care and safe riding!

    PS: Here are a couple of cool pics on the highway.


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    Sound like a good trip - you may want to straighten out your feet a little though unless you like dragging toe. I notice lots of riders ride with their feet tipped downwards - sure it's comfortable, but it won't give you great clearance.
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    cool stuff, let me know if you ever consider selling the Green 7R....
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