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    first ride in vancouver

    Today I had a business appointment in Richmond, and with this weather I could not pass the opportunity to ride over (I live in Nanaimo).

    This was my first time on a bike in a city bigger than Victoria. It was pretty easy going all and all. I have to say taking the tunnel from Delta was wicked. I thought it was neat in a car, but on the bike it was pretty cool.

    I know... nothing special to the locals, but for me it was neat.

    I saw about 6 riders through the day. All waved... most likely some people from this board.

    I stopped at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal at about 3:30pm and while I was eating I could hear a few guys tearing up the road to whistler behind me.

    I was tempted to abandon my ferry plans and join in the fun.

    Alas, there is a full summer ahead.... and more trips over to the mainland.

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    glad you enjoyed your day over here,,,,, yep that ride to whistler and squamish is good, look for posts about rides going on,,, and come join in the fun

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    Glad you enjoyed our little corner of the world. You have to come over for some of the rides to the Interior this summer, especially "The Loop".
    What was it all about?

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    sounds like you had a good trip.
    BCSB- Moderator

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    Me likes the tunnel at warp factor nine as well,best time to do it is at 2 in the morning,no cars and you can really get on the gas

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    hey mess... just to let you know, that badgerbadgerbadger site has just ruined my day!!

    i am going to end up looking at this stuff on and off all afternoon i know it.

    funny stuff, but distracting as hell!

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