Speaking of Aprilias....
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Thread: Speaking of Aprilias....

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    Speaking of Aprilias....

    After looking at the other post for the original 500GP bikes I started thinking...

    Anyone know of a local place bringing in Aprilias? I've seen a couple other exotics in town (Moto Guzzi, MV, Bimota) but never seen an Aprilia. Is the closest dealer in Washington?

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    I wish.
    First of all, closest dealer is washington, and if your planning on bringint it up here you're going to be paying through the teeth. If you do a search for 'Aprilia' you'll see a reponse I got from them as to their plans to bring them to Canada.

    Who knows.. may be soon.
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    Thanks Ad...

    Checked the thread. Doesn't look too promising... anyone feel like trying to sneak a Mille across the border with a couple 40's of Vodka?

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