Motorcycles, Girls, and Brazil!
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Thread: Motorcycles, Girls, and Brazil!

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    Motorcycles, Girls, and Brazil!

    Well... I just spent five wonderful months in Sao Paulo, Brazil! If anyone wants a Twister that's definitely where Honda's sending them. It's hard to see a new bike that's not that model... but if you buy one for the purpose of riding it there, make sure to take a bat to it, followed by a couple cans of crappy spray paint; unless, that is, you don't mind loosing possession of it after a few hours!

    It's not as bad as it sounds, though. For all those disheartened by the local regulations, maybe I can interest you in a few aspects of the perks to be had by riding in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Yeah! Motorcycles are actually extremely common there; the hoards that ride them make Vancouver's bike scene look like those small groups of kids that used to ride around in power wheels! But why? Well let's see... I've done extensive... uh... research, and've concluded that it's because these states' liberal stance towards motorcyclists!

    Lane-splitting, for instance, is a complete go. I mean... no, technically you're not so supposed to, but who are the cops to enforce such a thing when the majority of the roads don't have any lines painted on them? That's right, but be careful, because a 2-lane road can suddenly change into a 3-lane road, and a 3 into a 4, so it gets a little tricky when enough people are running late. It's also difficult to judge who's doing what, as turn signals and shoulder-checks are, of course, secondary to just frigg'n switching to the next lane, since the thing's only hypothetical, anyhow.

    For you night-riding types, red lights are officially nothing more than the state's suggestion once the dusk is over with. So run through 'em, if it suits your fancy! The cops have promised not enforce any punishments for doing so, as many civilians have been shot, stabbed, or beaten to death during the robberies that often go on at a red light- even when the victim is cheerfully, peacefully giving up their car or motorcycle, as taking such steps reduces any future worries facing the perpetrator, regardless of how compliant their victim was.

    And helmets, you ask? Well it's the law- Duh! What kind of mickey-mouse operation do you take their traffic department for? But with that said, the police are allowing everyone to just rest their helmets on any part their upper body, wherever convenient, such as by tying the chin strap around one's biceps, so as not to get in the way of... things. This diffuses the ongoing, undesirable conflict between the state and overwhelming, societal gender stereotypes that an individual, in all fairness, can actually do nothing about.

    Best of all, however, is the comradery. Made a mistake? Caused an accident? What are you talking about!? Within 5 minutes you'll have between 10-100 fellow bikers backing you up, forcing any 4-wheelers into submitting to the obvious: motorcyclists don't screw up; car-riders do. Why would someone so vulnerable make a mistake? If they can prove that the person's suicidal, *then* they've maybe got a case, but if not, then they don't, of course. If they've got a problem with that, then there's other steps your brothers would be more than happy to take on your behalf. It's that straight-forward!

    So yeah... travel in groups... but don't go in the front- and don't even think about riding in the car lanes! You're would be slowing everything down and making the rest of your comrades look bad!!!

    I... I was going to talk about another subject too, but... uh... err...

    *everything written here is entirely anecdotal

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    So do you have a tan? or a burn.haha.

    I was in Brazil last november for 3 weeks and was quite an eye opener.We left LA at 1pm(mon) and landed in Sao Paulo at 7am local time on tue.(Its a 12 hour flight from LA to Sao Paulo plus Sao Paulo is 6 hours ahead of LA) .We then had to take a taxi from the international airport(Guarulhos) to one of the domestic ones(Congonhas),what an adventure!.It cost us $90 reis(hey - eyes) or $45CDN for 45 minutes trip.

    You`re right about the bikes splitting lanes though,its done everywhere.I rarely saw a bike bigger than 500cc,125 and 250cc bikes rule here.And Sao Paulo is HUGE , imagine housing from Vancouver Int`l right to Abottsford.

    Suncreen was like water,you HAD to have it.With no sunscreen on I could feel a burn happening at 9am in less than 10 minutes.I didn`t spend much time in Sao Paulo but all of it on the coast in Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia.If you like miles and miles of sandy beaches,this is for you.Nights were around 18-22C and the days got up to 35C,it wasn`t uncommon to have to temp at 26C at 9am.

    Swimming in the ocean was like bath water and there are no sharks in that area.The ppl there have no hangups,every woman wears a two piece suit doesn`t matter if she is 3 or 83.Virtually every guy wears those tight speedos,fit or overweight.Just doesn`t matter.If you are trying to speak the language then they are very helpful.

    Obrigado - thank you(masculine)
    Obrigada - thank you(feminine)
    L`gow - cool
    mointo - very
    Tudo Bone - how are you(greeting)
    Tudo Bang - im fine
    Canella - cinnamin
    noe - no
    Mice - more
    I have misspelled come of the Portuguese words but that it how I remember them.

    I`m sure Kabu has more as do I.......................

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    I wish.
    Where's the pics of the brazilian girls?
    BCSB- Administrator

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    that sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing with us!

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    Cool. I wanna see the pics of hot Latin chicks too. Post up!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamantium
    Where's the pics of the brazilian girls?

    Yeah!!! post up some pics man. How do we know that you really went to Brazil and not just some warm weather place (like a tanning salon)

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    Kabu... didn't you go there to meet up with some babe? Is that what you don't want to talk about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by auger
    So do you have a tan? or a burn.haha.

    You`re right about the bikes splitting lanes though,its done everywhere.I rarely saw a bike bigger than 500cc,125 and 250cc bikes rule here.And Sao Paulo is HUGE , imagine housing from Vancouver Int`l right to Abottsford.

    I have misspelled come of the Portuguese words but that it how I remember them.
    Naw man, no burn or tan! I was... kept inside... almost all the time! Actually, I did get burnt once when we finally spent a whole day at the beach, but that was just once within a 5-month period, so I got off easy. I'm probably paler now than when I left for Brazil, actually. Probably because my girlfriend took such good care of my skin (she was a little paranoid about her white-skinned boy).

    Yeah... Sao Paulo is huge, alright. The population of this place exceeds all of Canada's! Almost all Brasilians gravitate towards this city when they need work, and almost all Brasilians NEED work!

    Yes, the Brasilian-Portuguese spelling system is quite different from ours. It's more similar to the German spelling system, especially in the sense of it being extremely phonetic. If you know the correct pronounciation of the word you're speaking, then you virtually always know how the word is spelled (provided you know the spelling system, which can be learned in a day).

    By the way, it looks as though you pretty-much remember how all those words are pronounced! Hey, did you master their "r"s? I love using 'em! My favorite word is "morango," but when English-speakers pronounce it with our "r"s it's just a bloody shame!

    Oh, and sorry guys... no pictures. I've got lots of her pictures, but nothing more... sorry. And when I jokingly asked about posting them on the Internet she just gave me a funny look. This is understandable, of course, especially to one who's never been a part of the online culture.

    I was supposed to get pictures of all the different girls on the beach- my friend even gave me a really expensive camera do just this, but... well she sais... she sais she isn't jealous but... well... I wasn't so quick to agree. She gets so cute when it happens ("it" being whatever it is )! Ahh, but don't get me wrong, I'm not that ego-centric; I did my best to let her know how monogamous I was. But anyhow... if you ever manage to pick me out (I'm the one on the green zx-6r ), I'd probably have some nice pictures on me... I'll just need your postal code first, that's all, ta bom?

    No Orbit, I was actaully going to talk about Brasilian girls in general but then decided it highly unwise to generalize anything. I know lots of guys love the idea of Brasilians, and I'm now totally with them, but I'm not going to help perpetuate a stereotype that's probably just there because most Brasileiras crazily love us boyzinhos. With that said, I feel there are some distinct differences between them and North American women- *in general*- that most men would HIGHLY approve of, but I don't want to go there until I've had a drink.

    *note, mine is a lot different then them ALL and by far the best!!!

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