Molson Indy Vancouver: condo rental wanted
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Thread: Molson Indy Vancouver: condo rental wanted

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    Molson Indy Vancouver: condo rental wanted

    My sister and family are coming to the west coast for a visit in late July. One idea is to rent a condo overlooking the Molson Indy for a few days. That way they have somewhere to stay AND they can go out on the balcony and watch the race

    This was my sister's suggestion, as I told her last year that there are many people who live near the race course who get fed up with the all the noise and commotion. Perhaps some of those peope are looking to get out of town anyway, and might be interested in letting out their apartment/condo?

    Any ideas where I could post such an offer? Or where I could place such an ad?

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    Condo Rental

    Post it in the Georgia Straight the locals love it.

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    i don't have a condo but that's a fucking SMASHING idea baby yeah!

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    I have a feeling that all the poorsports who pout about the noise don't face the track.... BUT, a good place to post an ad would be either the georgia straight, or the westender. Saw a race on a friend's balcony a couple of years ago and it was pretty good (couldn't compare to a front row seat on turn 8 - or was it 9?, though)

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